I am honoured to write on behalf of the Hashim Khan Memorial School (HKMS) which is an important step towards bringing quality education to the under privileged children of Kalyas and the surrounding areas in Charsadda District. HKMS is a non-profit organisation and it is functional on the support and generosity of all concerned citizens.

HKMS follows the Irish Curriculum adjusted according to the needs and cultural norms of the area. Presently about 200 students are enrolled, most of whom are from financially deprived families. Along with free education, the students are provided with textbooks and stationery.

We focus on developing our children as unique and complete individuals, giving them the opportunity to explore their talent and potential without stifling their creativity and spirit. They are nurtured and prepared to enter the fast changing world as useful, independent, tolerant and courageous citizens. We emphasise that success must always be based on honest effort and the truth.

To run HKMS effectively and to continue educating the children of this remote area, regular donations are needed from philanthropists and all caring people from every walk of life.

It is my sincere hope that we, at HKMS, succeed in our mission of educating the beautiful children of Kalyas. May Allah guide us towards success in this noble cause.

Ms. Rakhshan Khalil
Hashim Khan Memorial School