About 25 Students Enrolled in Class Nursery

The Hashim Khan Memorial School (HKMS) enrolled about 25 students in class nursery keeping the tradition of educating the underprivileged children of Kalayas and surrounding area.

Ms. Rakhshan Khalil, Principal of HKMS, said the literacy rate in Kalyas area of Charsadda district is quite low, for the reason, the School is trying its utmost by providing quality education to the poor masses within the available budget.

She hoped that the decision will be beneficial to educate the poor children who are unable to pay for their schooling. The School will provide free education to the new enrolled students as it was doing in the past.

“Proper enquiry of the new students and their family financial status was looked at before enrolling them in the School”, Ms. Rakhshan Khalil explained. She added that the School also signed an affidavit from the parents of the enrolled students to ensure that these children were hailing from poor families and deserved admission in the School.

“We are receiving more and more requests for admission from students by each passing year. This year more than 200 admission forms were submitted by children of underprivileged families for admission in the HKMS,” Ms Rakhshan Khalil said.

She further said that an entry test was held in the third week of February, to select the most deserving students. After proper oral and written test about 25 students were enrolled in the school.

The HKMS takes up about 25 students in class nursery only on annual basis so as to make them familiar with the School curriculum. The School usually doesn’t prefer to enroll new students in higher classes.