First Aid Training By PRCS

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chapter provided Two Days First Aid Training to about 30 students, teachers and administration of the Hashim Khan Memorial School (HKMS), in order to better equip them.

The training was held in the second week of June, 2014 and was imparted by senior First Aid Trainer of PRCS, Mr. Mubarak Jan, who holds vast experience in the field. The basic purpose of the training was to develop the skills of the participants, to save first themselves in case of any emergency and secondly, if possible, then save the others around them.

Senior First Aid Trainer, Mr. Mubarak Jan, while delivering the training said that the First Four Minutes after any emergency were very important for the patient. He said that the life of the patient could be saved if proper first aid was provided to him.

The Principal of HKMS, Ms. Rakhshan Khalil, who was also present in the training, said the knowledge provided and techniques shared with them were very informative. It is very interesting to know that the daily unfavourable occurring and the distress of it could be mitigated through simple techniques.

The students along with the teachers and administration of the School were pleased to receive the training. They vowed to use to skills learnt positively and assist the ailing humanity.