HKMS is more than just a School

The Hashim Khan Memorial School (HKMS) located in Kalyas, Charsadda district differs from other educational institutions present not only in the locality but also from maximum schools in other parts of Pakistan.

In a country where most of the School focuses only on rote learning and passing the exam, the HKMS aims on building the character of the students. Apart from the delivering free of cost quality education, the School also arranges co-curricular every week.

Ms. Rakhshan Khalil, Principal HKMS, said that every Thursday after school hours, different activities are held to build the capacities and groom the character of the child. “Competitions like art and craft, rhymes, quiz and games mainly volley ball, cricket, baseball, badminton, are held to encourage the children to develop not only their confidence but also make them physically strong”, Ms. Rakhshan Khalil said.

Every student is encouraged to participant in these activates. These competitions are held for half an hour after the school timing. “These activities are so helpful for the children that they could speak out their mind freely and it has been witnessed that the students who have left the school after Seven Grade (which is the senior most class of the school) have bright academic records in the other institute which they have joined”, she added.

The School also organizes other activates like Sports Gala, Fun Fair, Spring Festival every year. Besides, the activities inside the schools, the students are taken on educational and leisure visits to different historical places and other fun places once a year.