The School

The Hashim Khan Memorial School was founded in 2004 with the vision to provide free education to the under privileged children of Kalyas and surrounding localities. Today upto 220 students are enrolled in the school additional 30 are taken on annually with the promotion of each class, currently it is upto 7th Grade and the vision is to add classes in the future depending on funding.

The school is situated in Kalyas in the Charsadda district 29 kilometers from Peshawar. Facilities include 8 general classrooms, a computer room and play area for children including swings and slides. The school employs 6 teachers and 4 support staff and follows the Irish Educational curriculum formulated according to the needs and cultural norms of the locality.In addition, the local subjects including Pashto, Urdu and Islamic Studies are also taught at the School.

The school is privately funded and at present is looking for donors to continue adding fresh classes. The school had established a programme with the Mary Immaculate College allowing students in their final year to spend a month teaching at the school as part of an internship counting towards their final assessment. The aim of the programme is to bring standard teaching skills to the school and ensure the school follows the Irish Educational system.